Age Spots On The Face

Age spots can look rather nasty especially if they appear on the face. The reality is that the age spots on face are not harmful to ones health but they are ugly and will eliminate a person’s natural beauty. The age spots are commonly found on other areas that are also affected by the sun such as the hands, neck, shoulders, necks and arms.  Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, there are various treatment options that greatly assist you in eliminating the age spots on the face.

In order to get rid of the age spots, it would only be prudent to have a deeper understanding of what they could be.   With this kind of knowledge in mind then it becomes rather easier to come up with the best treatment option.

Age spots are also referred to as liver spots. They are brown spots that appear on the skin. They take on an irregular shape with most of them appearing brownish and flat. The color will range from brown, red to even black.  These spots are more common with the older people.

Too much exposure to the sun has been known to be the common origin of the age spots.  These also give another name to the age spots which is sun spots. As you over expose the skin to the sun, excess melanin is produced which may cause an accumulation on the face thus causing the age spots on the face. When the production of the melanin is abnormal, then the production of melanin becomes unavoidable.

This age spot are harmless though many have greatly associated them with causing cancer. It is advisable to consult yore dermatologist on this issue.

Laser treatment has been known to be very effective when it comes to eliminating the age spots.  The process may require either one or two sessions to completely get rid of the spots. It involves removing the top layer of the skin and leaving a new and fresh layer.  The price of this form of treatment will vary and range form either $ 700 to $ 5,000.  Cryosurgery is also another option where the abnormal cells are eliminated by freeing them with liquid nitrogen. This procedure is fast and has been know to cause fewer side effects.

Age spots on the face can be devastating and therefore the right approaches can be used to get rid of them once and for all.

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