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Age Spots On Skin | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

Age Spots On Skin

Age spots on skin are blemish spots which appear on the skin as we age as a result of continued exposure to the sun. This damages the skins appearance as it has several spots with pigmentation different from that of the normal skin. The age spots range in colours from light brown to red or black.

As can be derived from the name “age spots on skin” appear on the skin on most of the surfaces which are most exposed to the direct rays of the sun. These parts include the neck, surfaces of the forearms, ears, lips, face and chest especially for people who like to sun bathe. They appear as dried up hard granular spots with varying shades from the normal skin. Since they are associated with age they are most common in people of ages past 40 years when the skin has lost its ability to regenerate from sun exposure.

In many cases age spots on skin do not pose any threat and require no immediate treatment, however, many people find them unsightly and thus seek treatment to get rid of them. If anything, sometimes age spots on skin hinder the detection of skin cancer thus prompting medical attention.

There are several ways of dealing with treating age spots on skin ranging from simple home remedies to complex procedures involving medical doctors.

Home remedies for treating age spots on skin involve applying a lightening moisturizer on the spots. There are very many moisturizers currently available for one to choose from. However one needs to be cautious when dealing with moisturizers since some have adverse side effects and do not tackle the problem effectively.

Another home remedy for age spots on skin involves the use of over the counter skin brighteners which are found to have fewer side effects and in essence are gentler.

Creams have also been developed which can be applied on the age spots leading to their discoloration and eventual fading and disappearance. These are very effective since they function as treatment and also help in prevention of development of more age spots on skin.

There are other complex methods of dealing with age spots on skin some involving the use of laser beams or electricity. Overall the effectiveness of each method depends on individual basis thus when you take that first step in eliminating the spots seek advice on each method and its effects.

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