Age Spots On Black Skin

Age spots, aka lentigenes, are brown or black and are as a result of over-exposure to the sun. These blemishes along with freckles and liver spots become visible as we age; particularly when we get to 40 and above. They may appear in the face, arms, and back. The size of the age spot may be as small as a freckle and it may increase to a centimeter. They are not cancerous neither is it contagious. It appears on any ethnic group white or black.

Age spots may be more prominent in dark skin persons and will cause an uneven skin tone. There are many inexpensive over the counter solutions for treating age spots. These include bleaching agents such as lightening creams to even out the appearance of the blemish into the skin. Using and applying bleaching agents may do more harm than good if too much is used. Skin may become lighter than other areas of the body causing an even more uneven tone throughout.

Black skin is thicker and because of high pigmentation it has low elasticity. Over exposure to the sun can cause irritation to the skin which will produce hyper-pigmentation thus a darkening of the skin. This irritation will prompt the production of melanin which when concentrated in one area of the skin will cause the blemishes to appear. Additionally, we get age spots because as we age our skin does not replenish itself as quickly as it did when we were younger and less exposed to the sun. But, there are treatments for black skin with age spots.

When selecting an over the counter treatment for age spots, be certain to purchase the product created for black skin for added effectiveness. Products that contain tretinoin have been proven to prevent age spots or hyper-pigmentation. Tretinoin comes from Vitamin A which is useful for the maintenance of your skin and the development of your bones. This compound is also found in face creams formulated for the treatment of acne or wrinkles.

Although age spots are embedding into the skin and thus seem permanent, they can be treated or removed.  Treatment by surgery can be very expensive though high effective. You may talk to your dermatologist about laser therapy. Laser therapy destroys the melanin cells which causes the dark pigmentation of the spots. Laser treatments can cost a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Patients undergoing the treatment may not see the results until after a few months.

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