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Known to many as age spots, this is a skin infection mainly associated with old age that results to brown spots on the face arms back and any body area exposed to the sun. As much as the infection is mostly found among old people, those in the age of 50 and above, age is just but a partial cause of the infection since it’s not all people above the age of 50 get the infection but also some who are way below 50 years of age.

Age spots, sun spots or brown spots whichever the name you call it is not an infection that should create so much tension or one that requires a doctor’s attention. It is a harmless and painless infection with no skin irritations, age spots only have cosmetic disturbance hence those who care so much about their public image find it hard staying with this infection. The best thing for one to do once you notice an familiar spots on your skin is seeing a medic who can scan your skin for cancer or any other infection before declaring it’s actually age spots. Never assume that since you once so someone having such an infection then you can certain that its age spots. You may be right but then again cancer may be harbored underneath.

Age spots are treatable and there are very safe ways of removing and curing age spots. None of the ways is qualified to be termed as the best from the other since they are all determined by the dedication one puts, the extent of the infection and the skin of a person. One of the treatments one can opt for is the use of natural remedies; this method is cheaper and involves the use of resources readily available. The other option is use of creams which help to remove the infection and clear away the patches, they do a good job however one needs to be patient and observe recommended precautions.

The other option is seeking surgical procedures this method is mainly recommended for those patients with severe infections nevertheless for those looking for a quick fix it then this method will work for you. While undergoing medication you should be patient since some of the methods take time and only minor progress maybe observed from time to time. You should also avoid being in direct contact with the sun all the time, if you really need to work outdoor then at least wear protective covering or rather apply sunscreen on your skin few minutes before going out to the sun.


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