Age Spots Home Treatments

Age spots are patches of pigment caused by over exposure to the sun. Age Spots, also called solar lentigo and liver spots are gray, flat, black or brown spots. They appear in sun-exposed areas like the face, shoulder and hands of the body. Age spots are very common after the age of 45. They vary from freckle-range to more than a millimeter across and can assemble jointly, making them more prominent. Melanin is the shady pigment in the dermis or epidermis that furnishes your skin its usual color. Skin staining is caused by amplified pigmentation.

These age spots are safe and painless. They may be treated by over the counter medicines such as bleaching creams. Bleaching creams will over time fade the spots until they begin to look like the natural skin color. Age spots may be removed by surgery, laser therapy, cryotherapy or by cauterization. Laser therapy is an effective and more precise way of removing the spots. It is also less painful as it removes the spots without damaging the surrounding skin. The recovery from a laser treatment is usually much quicker than a typical surgery where laser is not used. Cryotherapy or laser may be suggested as a more popular way to destroying these age spots.

Home Treatment Tips

1. Massage a fresh piece of Aloe Vera gel on the age spots to assist with the fading. Apply the gel two times per day for a month or two. Pure juice from the Aloe Vera plant is superb for curing burns and is also helpful as a common healing agent.

2. Mix 1 teaspoon of orange juice with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and use on the age spots. If possible pout solution on a fabric or cotton pad.

3. Bilberry herb is used an antioxidant. Take 6-8 oz. of pure berries, 120-160 mg of bilberry extort (25% anthocyanidin), or 30-40 mg anthocyanosides every day to help fade or prevent age spots.

4. Dab buttermilk on the age spots and leave for while before rinsing. The lactic acids along with other ingredients in the milk are helpful to the skin. This has been used since the beginning of time, as a skin purifier as well as a beauty aid.

5. Apply castor oil on the age spots in the morning and at night; massage well into the skin. The age spots should vanish within a month.

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