Age Spots Beauty Secrets

Age Spots Beauty Secrets

It is not uncommon that after you have reached over 40, that you will be affected by one more skin type condition. Many of these skin conditions such as freckles, liver spots, and age spots occur because of sun damage over time. Age spots, sometimes called solar lentigenes, is a common skin condition that not only affects men but women too. Nevertheless there are some beauty secrets that will enhance and cover up these unsightly spots.

Age spots appear because of over-exposure to the sun over time and because of age. As we get older, many of the natural functions or processes performed by the body begins to slow down or cease to function. Our once soft skin begins to harden overtime from sun damage and when this occurs, melanin increases. It is then concentrated in one area or part of our body and no longer effectively protects us. One of the functions of the melanin pigment found in our skin is to absorb sunlight and as a result protects our skin from sun damage.

Since age spots appear in areas such as our faces and our arms, we may deem it necessary to attempt to cover this up. Using a few sponges with your foundation, you may just do the trick. But what if you are not an expert makeup artist? There are some special creams and powders called camouflage makeup that will do the trick for you; without any effort on your part. It is specially formulated to cover dark areas such as age spots and any other skin blemishes. Camouflage makeup is a concealer that, when applied it effectively covers any imperfections on the face or body. It is so effective that it is able to cover a tattoo. In addition to that, it stays in place longer than the standard foundation.

But maybe you would like to try something that will last for more than a couple of hours; you could try airbrush or body painting. This type of makeup is very common for persons wanting to conceal age spots from certain parts of their bodies; usually for special occasions. This activity though, is not for the bashful as you may be required to be in the nude.

However should you need a more permanent solution; you may have your age spots removed by a dermatologist. They may be removed by laser therapy and other procedures such as dermabrasions. These options are highly effective at removing the spots permanently.

So, whether it is that you are looking for a temporary or permanent fix for concealing your age spots, you have options. As a matter of fact, for further prevention, wearing a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 or above would be a good idea.

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