Age spots and Skin Melanoma – How to tell the differences

Age spots and melanoma often require urgent treatments especially when they are becoming more irritating on the skin. Though many kinds of these skin disorders can be harmless however knowing the types that are harmful and those that are both are very critical in differentiating the kind of treatments required for them. As a matter of fact, the difference between skin melanoma and age spots could be very small but they are very critical to note.

Age spots often occur especially as the skin ages and gets thinner. Many people often believe that the direct rays of the sun are those only responsible for age spots, however it should be noted that as the skin ages and becomes thinner, the melanin in the skin will come to the surface more easily, and that results in age spots. The more the skin is exposed to the sun, the more melanin that will be produced and that will mean more age spots creation. The skin at the back of the hand in most particular are very thin and it is very common to see many people developing age spots at the back of their hands.


Age spots are always flat on the skin and their colour often vary from light to dark brown. The shape of such age spots could vary but often resemble freckles and  they are often harmless which makes them easily removed by age spot creams and lotions.


Skin melanoma are much more dangerous than age spots and they often grow to become cancerous in nature. One of the ways by which melanoma is different from age spot is that melanoma starts growing small , protruding from the surface of the skin , and its colour could vary from light brown to black discolouration. Melanoma growth could be small or big and they often extend from the skin’s main layer and expanding to some other areas. They often come with irregular edges and surfaces.


Melanoma often oozes and cracks and may even develop some form of bleeding. Unlike age spots, skin melanoma will grow and increase in size  and while age spots remain on the surface of the skin, skin melanoma often penetrates lower into the skin as it grows.

Both skin melanoma and age spots appear in places that are exposed to sunlight and such include; the face, hands, arms, neck and back.


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Age spots

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