Age Spots And Cancer

In many cases, those suffering from age spots have always presumed that skin cancer is on its way. Many people do not have the knowledge to differentiate between the varying kinds of skin marks in the body. There are those that are called moles, lentigos and warfs that are often confused with the liver spots.

Skin cancer comes in three main forms. There are types such as the Basal cell carcinoma which is DNA related while the malignant melanoma is not associated with DNA. Melanoma is the most severe form of skin cancer and its rate of morality is between fifteen to twenty percent. In the US alone, it is responsible for approximately 6,500 deaths in each year. The other two forms of skin cancer have a mortality rate of up to 0.3%.

  • Basal cell carcinoma

This form of skin cancer appears raised and smooth. There are times when the tiny vesselsof the blood are visible inside the tumor. Bleeding and crusting in the middle of the tumor usually develop. This type of skin cancer is the least severe and it can be eliminated with proper kind of treatment.

  • Squamous cell carcinoma

It is visible on the skin as a red, thick and scaly patch on the skin and there are cases whereby bleeding and ulcerations may also occur on the skin.  If this condition goes untreated it may form a big mass. This type of skin cancer is actually the second most popular type. It is severe but not as much as Melanoma.

  • Most melanomas have lesions that have got a black appearance. There are certain signs that may indicate a melanoma that is malignant and this includes the shape, size, and color and mole elevation. There are other signs which include the appearance of a new mole once a person gets to adult hood.

There is a myth that age spots are a sign of skin cancer. This is actually not true. The age spots are not cancerous and in the medical arena, they do not pose any harm to one’s health. However, the cells of the skin that are already damaged can be susceptible to more harm which may cause cancer later on the years.

Many presume that the age spots cause skin cancer. This notion has been held for the longest time now since the liver spots have been diagnosed to cancer free only for melanoma to set in later on in life.  It is important to point out the cancer would be emanating from elsewhere but not the age spots.

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