Age Spots – A Closer Insight

Age spots are typically caused by prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun. Once the skin comes into direct contact with the sun, melanin is produced. This pigmentation is responsible for providing the skin with its natural coloring. When the UV rays are too much, the production of the melanin is also excessive which causes the skin to darken.  If the production of the melanin is concentrated in particular areas of the skin, then age spots will tend to surface.

The presence of some of the free radicals on the skin will aggravate the development of the age spots. The free radicals are known to cause damage on the cells of the skin and also they inhibit the body from the production of skin cells that are healthier.

It is important to acknowledge the fact that the hand lotions that are designed to lighten the age spots will not contribute much to this objective. It is therefore essential to look out for other forms of remedies that will assist you to remove the age spots.

When dealing with removal of age spots, it is vital to get rid of the root cause. The best approach is to start by staying away from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  In case you can not completely avoid the sun, then make use of the sun lotions and sun screens that have got a high sun protection factor. It is advisable to cover your body in case you are in areas where there is just too much sun. This can be rather challenging for those who thrive on exposing their bodies.

Gain an understanding on the ingredients that should be contained in the anti aging creams that you buy. This will go along way in getting rid of age spots and wrinkles making you feel much younger and beautiful.


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