Age Spots

Age spots refer to brown marks which usually appear on the skin especially as people age. The marks can appear on any part of the body especially the hands, neck and face. If you notice the marks on your body, there is no need to panic because they are harmless in most situations. The spots can also appear as a result of an underlying issue therefore it is advisable to visit a doctor.


There are various factors that lead to the appearance of age spots.  Some of the factors include poor diet, smoking, indigestion and too much sun exposure. Too much sun exposure is the leading cause of the problem. When you expose yourself to the sun, free radicals develop in your body and they can have adverse effects on your skin. Most of the individuals who get age spots live in tropical climates while others spend too much time in the sun.


Individuals who suffer from chromium, Vitamin E, selenium and glutathione deficiency are more prone to getting age spots. If you consume a lot of alcohol, you are more likely to get this spots compared to a person who does not take any. Improving your diet and changing your lifestyle is an effective way of preventing the appearance of age spots.


To prevent the age spots, you should also limit the amount of time that you spend in the sun. Too much exposure increases the production of melanin in the skin and this is what you see as age spots. It is also essential to wear sunscreen even when you are staying indoors because the UV rays are able to penetrate through the windows. When you go out, make sure you cover yourself up to reduce exposure even when you have sunscreen on.


When you develop age spots, you need to watch them closely. This is necessary to determine if there are any changes in color or sensitivity. If there is a change, it is important to get an appointment with your doctor. Some age spots can actually turn out to be skin cancer therefore you should not ignore changes. Cancer can be fatal but if it is diagnosed early, it increases your chances of surviving.


Age spots can be prevented but if you notice some which have already developed on your skin, there are several treatment options that you can use to fade them away. Some of the treatments use natural products while others require a visit to a doctor’s office therefore it is up to you to select the most appropriate option.

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