Age Spot Removal

Age Spot Removal methods are varied and available to most people suffering from the condition with a large number of methods being available for use both at home and in hospitals. Experts commonly employ the use of removal methods such as cryosurgery, ablation, and electrocautery. Ablation involves the use of laser rays which help with the vaporisation of the growth where experts carefully manipulate the concentration of the rays to achieve maximum results. The other age spot removal method, cryosurgery involves the use of liquid nitrogen. This treatment is done by freezing the growth where the nitrogen is applied using a spray gun to effect the freezing therapy. Cryosurgery is only effective when treating small growths. If this age spot removal method is used on larger lesions, it may result in the formation of a permanent white spot after the completion of the treatment. The electrocautery method on the other hand involves actual surgery. This age spot removal method can either be done using the electric current to execute the surgery or it can be done using a curette (a special surgical instrument). Minimal amounts of bleeding are expected when this age spot removal method is being carried used. The method is also known to be a lot slower than the other removal methods mentioned.

Age spot removal can also be done at home with the main removal methods being the use of glycolic acid and the use of hydrogen peroxide. The procedure for using hydrogen peroxide is pretty simple. First, a solution with a 40% hydrogen peroxide concentration is formed. A moisturising cream is then applied on areas surrounding the lesions to avoid having any contact between the solution and the unaffected parts. After the protective cream is applied, the solution is applied to the lesions and left for about 20 minutes in order to allow the solution to act on it. The person applying the solution must also ensure that they wear gloves in order unnecessary body contact with the solution. The age spot removal procedure involving glycolic acid is quite similar to the one using hydrogen peroxide with the only difference being that the solution must have a 30% acid concentration. However, this method is known to cause some significant levels of irritation and itchiness.

As can be seen, the home remedies’ procedures for age spot removal are quite easy to follow. Any literate person can read and follow instructions until the desired levels of effectiveness are realised.

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