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Age Spot Removal Problems | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

Age Spot Removal Problems

Age spots are dark blemishes on the skin surface, caused mainly by overexposure to sunlight. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the cause of the spots. This is because when the skin is exposed to this UV radiation, more melanin is produced for protection. Melanin is a dark pigment produced to protect the skin from this radiation. When the person is growing old, the bits of melanin in the skin clamp together and form small blemishes on the skin surface known as age spots. They are more common with aging people hence the name age spots.

There are many methods of age spot removal. They range from cheap domestic home remedies to complex laboratory methods. All of these methods have their own problems associated to them. The home remedies include application of juices and gels to the skin surface that has the age spots. The juices used include fresh lemon juice and glycolic acid. Castor oil can also be used for the same purpose since it also works wonders in removing the age spots. Another home remedy used in age spot removal is aloe vera gel. This gel is popular due to its many therapeutic properties as well as its good handling of burns.

The problems associated with the home remedies to age spots are not very many. One of them is that these juices and gels can cause irritations when not handled carefully. A good example is lemon juice. This juice can cause very painful irritation when it comes to contact with sensitive organs. Another problem is that if the juices or gels used in treatment are not stored appropriately, they might be contaminated. This will render them more harmful since their use might cause more infections that were previously not present on the skin.

One of the complex treatment methods is laser technology. This is a very effective method since it has very high chances of success compared to other methods. Another one is freezing the age spots using liquid nitrogen. After freezing, the spots peel off easily just like a chemical peel. The third method is use of hydrogen peroxide which bleaches the age spots.

Laser treatment is very effective. However, it can be very dangerous to the patient if it is done by a person who is not well trained since it will destroy the skin around the affected area completely. Hydrogen peroxide and liquid nitrogen may leave white patches where the age spots were hence it is important to ensure that treatment is done only by well trained and qualified personnel.

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